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Bodices, skirts, pants and more -- all sized for the full-figured wench who wants to stand out in the RenFaire crowd!
Satin Petticoat Colors
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McGreedy Pirate Blouse in white, ruffled cuffs, elasticized neckline to wear on or off shoulders.
McGreedy Blouse
Grace O'Malley Shirt in black or white cotton with eyelet and cord closing in front.  Sizes to XXL.
Grace O'Malley Blouse
Barbossa Pirate Blouse in viscose velvet with ruffles around neck, down front and on cuffs of very full sleeves.  Red, white or black in sizes to XXL.
Barbossa Blouse
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5 Colors!
Sizes to 44" waist!
Choose Black or White
Sizes to XXL!
3 Colors!
Sizes to XXL!
Pirate Skirt
Pirate/Harem Pants
7 Colors!
Sizes to 3XL!
Pirate Wench Skirt
Black or Red
Sizes to XXL!
Double Skirt
Fair Maiden Dress in blue, also available in red and green
Based on a 16th Century design, in blue or green.
Fair Maiden Dress
Sizes to XXL!
Thigh-High Socks
Campbell Pirate Shirt
Campbell Pirate shirt in black satin.  Also available in red.
Sofi wench bodice in burgundy.
Velveteen under-bust bodice in red.
Sofi Wench Bodice
Under-Bust  Bodice
Pirate bodice in hunter green, front view.
Pirate bodice in hunter green, back view.
Pirate Wench Bodice
4 Colors, reverses to black!
Sizes to 53-inch waist!
Irish dress in burgundy.
Irish Dress
Like 2 dresses in one!  Bodice reverses to black. Wear with different color underskirt for many looks! Sizes to 53-inch waist!
Locklace Bodice
6 Colors!
Sizes to 53" waist!
Black or Red
Sizes to 3XL!
Sizes to 3XL!
Pirate skirt in black and white stripes.
Anne Bonney Blouse
3 Colors!
Sizes to XXL!
Pirate or Harem Pants in black
Pirate skirt in black and white stripes.
Double skirt in blue and aqua.
4 Colors!
Sizes to XXL!
Thigh-high striped socks
Ladies Mary Jane velvet shoe
Locklace twill bodice in Navy.
4 Colors!
Sizes to 53" waist!
Twill Bodice
3 Colors!
Sizes to 53" waist!
Reverses to Black!
Our Wares
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Pirate Wench Pants in red and white stripes.
Pirate Pants
3 Colors!
Sizes to XXL!
Sizes to 3XL!
Croptop in white cotton crepe
Crop Top
Sizes to 3XL!
Now in Plus Size!
Women's Mary Jane Shoe
Irish dress in burgundy.
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+1 demo: Basic page
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Bedlow bodice in faux black leather.
Bedlow Bodice
Sizes to 4XL
Zip Front & Back Laces
Tavern Wench Under-buxt Bodice
Tavern Wench
Sizes to 4XL
Tavern Wench 3-piece ensemble
Tavern Wench
Sizes to 4XL!
Gathered Skirt
8 Colors!
Sizes to 62" waist!