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Though we've identified Plus Size Medieval and Renaissance Gowns elsewhere on the site,  we've also collected them here in one place for more convenient shopping.
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Satin Petticoat Colors
Fleur de Lis Dress  in burgundy
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Plus-Size Pirate Wenchwear
McGreedy Pirate Blouse in white.
McGreedy Blouse
Sizes to XXL
Grace O'Malley Shirt in black or white cotton.
Grace O'Malley Blouse
Sizes to XXL
Country Maid dress in black, also available in green.
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Scarlet Dream Gown in red velvet
Fleur de Lis Dress
Burgundy or Navy
Sizes to XXL!
Highland Dressbodice, skirt and chemise in one!
Highland Dress
Sizes to XXL!
Flax Linen Medieval Gown
Medieval gown in natural flax linen, tangerine color
Sizes to XL!
Berengaria Gown in Red Velvet with gold skirt  panel
Berengaria Gown
Sizes to XL!
Forest Princess Flax Linen Dress
Sizes to XL!
Scarlet Dream Gown in red velvet
Sizes to XXL!
Scarlet Dream Velvet Gown
Rose Princess Gown
Sizes to XL!
Sizes to XXL!
Country Maid Dress
Fair Maiden Dress in blue, also available in green
Fair Maiden Dress
Sizes to XXL!
Peasant Dress
Peasant dress in berry red, also available in meadow green
Sizes to XL!
New Plus-Size
Sizes up to 59-inch waist
Sofi wench bodice in burgundy.
Sofi Wench
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Plus-Size Bodices
Pirate bodice in hunter green, front view.
Pirate Wench Bodice
Sizes to 53" waist!
Irish dress in burgundy.
Irish Dress
Celtic Dress
Celtic dress in navy, worn with chemise and gathered skirt.
Sizes to 55 inch waist!
Medieval Longdress
Medieval longdress in black, 8 other colors.
Forest Princess Gown in  natural flax linen.
Rose Princess Dress in rose velvet and rose print brocade.
Sizes to 55"
Sizes to 59 inch waist!
Black or
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