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Bodice --
Reversible bodice of soft, durable viscose, trim and laces in contrasting color. 6 colors, all reversible to black.
Bodice --
Red satin fabric with black lace overlay. Also in blue, both reverse to black. Back laces for custom fit.
Mary Read Pirate Vest
Bodice --
Durable and comfortable se-duction Lush velvet in emerald or burgundy, re-verses to jewel black.
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Rich brown and gold brocade has a scoop V-neck.  Perfect as a stand-alone or with Mary Read coat.  S/M or L/LX.
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The key to a great wench outfit is a great bodice--and we've got 'em!  Gather 'round, ye wenches, and have a look . . .
Simple but elegant reversible (Aubergine to Black) bodice is soft viscose on one side, velvet on the other. Aubergine reverses to black.
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Noble Bodice is aubergine viscose fabric that reverses to black velvet.  Eyelet and drawstring close and flexible boning on front, string and loop close in back for custom fit.
Princess Bodice --
No Boning!
No boning for unique com-fort and fit! Cotton with green/ brown velvet patchwork print.
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Princess bodice in brown and green velvet patchwork, no boning
Mary Read pirate vest in brown and gold brocade.
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Goth bodice in red with black lace overlay, reverses to black
Leather bodice in brown with black accents, laces in front and on both sides for a custom fit.
Leather Bodice
Bedlow bodice in black faux leather
Bedlow Bodice
Faux Leather
Steampunk bodice
Closeup view of black and red brocade corset.
NEW! Brocade Corset
NEW!  See Our Steampunk Corset Collection!
Brocade bodice, gold threat over brown-black brocade
Brocade Bodice --
Rich pattern in gold thread over a brown/black back-ground (reverses to jewel black).
Bodice --
Soft, durable viscose fabric. Reverses to black except chocoate reverses to lt. Brown. 8 color choices!
Twill bodice in navy, three other colors, sizes to 53 inch waist
Twill Bodice
Reversible bodice of durable, comfortable twill, reverses to black, 4 colors, sizes to 53 inch waist!
Lock-lace bodice in navy
Durable cotton twill with gold gimp trim, engineered to last for years! 4 colors, sizes to 53 inch waist!
Plus Sizes,
Plus Sizes,
Jeweled bodice, velvet with braid and beaded fringe trim.
Jeweled Bodice
Elegant velveteen bodice lined in cotton twill and lavished
with braid trim and beaded fringe on the scalloped hemline. Sizes to 59 inch waist.
Tavern wench bodice in black faux leather.
Faux\ leather with eyelets and drawstring lacing, with rivet trim for Steampunk panache.
Under-bust bodice in gold and black floral.  Also available in fuschia and black.

Rayon viscose with velvet floral pattern, boning in front for support and uplift, eyelet and drawstring close in front.
Pirate bodice in hunter green, front view.
Pirate Bodice
Scalloped back hem, cotton twill, no boning gives maximum support and lift, 4 colors reverse to black.
Sizes to
53-inch waist!
Sofi wench bodice in burgundy.
Sofi Wench
Velveteen under-bust bodice in red.
Under-Bust  Bodice
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Goth bodice in red satin with black lace overlay.
Peasant Wench Bodice in gold, reverses to black
Velvet bodice in green, reverses to black
Bodice --
Decorated bodice in red, reverses to black