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Musketeer Tabard in blue velvet with silver embroidered cross and slver trim
Infantry Gambeson in heavy quilted black cotton.  Also available in burgundy.
The Gambeson was worn over chain mail.  If the point of a sword was driven through chain mail, it could carry pieces of the damaged metal rings deep into the wound.  The Gambeson, a padded, vest-like garment made of heavy cloth or leather, helped prevent these types of injuries.
The Brigandine could be called the 'poor knight's armor'. A suit of plate armor was more effective protection than either a Gambeson or chain mail, but only the wealthiest knights could afford armor. It was heavy and expensive, and required a master armorer to keep it maintained. The Brigandine, a leather garment with pockets in the lining for inserting metal plates, was the answer.  Lighter and more maneuverable than armor, it enabled the warrior to make and repair his own, and it was not long before fighting men from knights to archers had adopted this versatile garment.
The Tabard might also be called a 'Renaissance poncho'. Open on both sides, it was often split in front and/or back for ease of movement.  It was worn over gambeson and mail, and displayed the colors and often the emblem of the king or noble house for which the knight fought.
Musketeer Tabard
Shop our selection of these versatile garments for a great-looking and authentic addition to your Ren Faire garb!
Padded shirt gambeson
Padded Gambeson Shirt
Black Cotton Gambeson
Robin Hood Gambeson, 2 heavily padded and studded pieces in brown corduroy.
Robin Hood Gambeson
Lionheart Gambeson in off-white and deep red with red and white Lionheart emblems on chest
Lion Heart Gambeson
William Wallace leather brigandine with metal stud decoration.
Knightly tabard in red and black, also available in red and blue, blue and black, or yellow and black.
Knightly Tabards
Musketeer Tabard
Musketeer Tabard in blue velvet with silver embroidered cross and slver trim

Musketeer Tabard in rich red cotton velvet with gold satin fleur de lis cross emblem of the musketeers.
Musketeer Tabard heading in Shrewsbury font.
William Wallace leather brigantine with metal stud decoration, two buckled straps in back
Highlands Brigandine
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