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Classic RenFaire Wear and Pirate Garb to make your little princess the Belle of the Faire!
Celtic Chemise
Girls Ren Fair Wear

White Celtic Chemise for girls, long, full sleeves with drawstrings at shoulders to adjust length.
Girls Fleur De Lis Dress in red, with white Celtic Chemise
Fleur de Lis Dress
Childs cloak in dark blue velvet with purple rayon lining
Child Velvet Cloak
Girls Fair Maiden overdress, navy, also in red and green
Double Skirt
Medieval Market Dress
3 Colors!
SIZES For Ages 4 to 14
Starred Outfits Available in
Adult Sizes, Too --
For Great Mother-Daughter Costumes!
Pirate Skirt
Pirate Skirt
Cotton Skirt
Fleur de Lis Dress
Rose Princess
Brocade Gown
2 Colors!
Pirate Blouse
See our Great Selection
of Pirate Garb and Renaissance Costumes
for Boys, Too!
Boys' Capt Jack Coat, black velvet with gold braid and button trim
Boys red musketeer tabard wth gold trim
NEW! Pima Cotton Shirt
Child's lace-up Renaissance Shirt in natural
Renaissance Shirt
Our Wares
By Category
Girls Fleur De Lis Dress in red, with white Celtic Chemise
Girls double skirt, navy and turquoise
4 Color Combos!
Girls reversible lace-up bodice in red, 5 other colors
7 Colors!
Girls ruffled pirate blouse in white
Girls' black pirate skirt
Girls' cotton skirt in gold.
5 Colors!
Girls' chemise with decorated sleeves.
Girls' black and white striped pirate skirt.
Girls' Highlands dress.
Girls' Fleur de Lis dress in burgundy red.
2 Colors!
Girls' Arabella Dress
Girls' princess dress in rose velvet and brocade.
GIrls' Emerald Brocade Gown
Girls' Cilento dress in hunter green.
+1 demo: Basic page
+1 demo: Basic page
Maiden Overdress
Maiden Chemise
Girls' Maiden Overdress in purple velvet
Gikrls' Maiden chemise in natural muslin.