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Quality period shirts with authentic details are a must-have Ren Faire wardrobe basic!
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Wear alone or with the Huntingdon Archer's Overtunic
Huntingdon Undertunic
Huntingdon Archer's Tunic
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Early Renaissance Shirt
Huntingdon Archer's Overtunic, wear with the Huntingdon undertunic shown or other similar shirt.
This style of shirt was popular from the Renais-sance through the mid-18th Century.
Late Renaissance Shirt
This white cotton shirt with open neck and full, billowy sleeves works for many outfits!
David Herriot Shirt
Eyelet and drawstring close at collar, double ruf-fle at cuff, choose from seven colors
This great period shirt is available in seven colors.
John Calles Shirt
Outlaw Shirt
Rugged woven cotton shirt closes with eyelets and leather laces in front
Elegant shirt has lace jabot at collar and double lace ruffle at cuffs,  white or black.
Nottingham Shirt
100% cotton shirt with em-broidered red crosses on high collar and cuffs. Black or natural white..
Francis Drake Shirt
Stand-up half collar in back, ruffles at neck and drawstring cuffs. Black or white.
Medieval Nobleman's Shirt
John Cook Shirt
Cavalier Shirt
European Medieval Shirt
Musketeer Shirt
Medieval Warrior Shirt
This striking shirt resembles the 'puff & slash' style from the 15th Century 
A ruffled jabot, plus ruffles on the yoke and cuffs set this elegant shirt apart.  Black or white.
Cavalier shirt in black velvet has slashed sleeves with silver or gold inner sleeves.
White cotton with lace-trimmed collar & cuffs, great with our Musketeer tabard!
Banded, collarless neck pullover style  pin-tuck pleats trim front placket.
Bully Hayes Shirt
Bright white Tudor style shirt with black-edged collar and cuffs.
Double row of grommets and lacing down the sleeves, neck and front. One of our best sellers!
Shirts and Tunics - Great collection of men's RenFaire Wardrobe basics
Huntingdon Undertunic in dark brown
Huntingdon Archer Overtunic
Late Renaissance Shirt in red
Early Renaissance Shirt in white
Sizes to XXL!
David Herriot Pirate Shirt in black
Sizes to 3XL & X-Tall!
John Cook shirt in chocolate brown
Sizes to 3XL & X-Tall!
Outlaw shirt, green
Sizes to XXL!
Nottingham shirt, black cotton with red cross pattern on collar and cuffs
Cross Shirt,  natural color, cross pattern on collar and cuffs,
White Tudor style shirt, black edged collor and cuffs
Tudor Style Shirt
Cavalier shirt in black velvet with gold satin inner sleeves
John Calles shirt in white
Francis Drake shirt, white, also  in black.
Sizes to 3XL & X-Tall!
Sizes to XXXL & X-Tall!
Medieval nobleman shirt in white
Sizes to XXXL & X-Tall!
Medieval Warrior Shirt in white
European Medieval Shirt in Black and Red
Sizes to XXL!
Sizes to 3XL & X-Tall!
Roberto Confresi Shirt in white
Roberto Cofresi Shirt
This handsome period shirt has a froth of lace at the neck and deep lace frills on cuffs.
Sizes to 3XL & X-Tall!
Highlands shirt in white
Highlands Shirt
With its extra-wide sleeves and antique button close, this shirt looks great with any of our kilts.
Sizes to XXL!
Lord Essex Shirt
Tudor-style shirt in black
Period Cotton Shirt
Cotton Viking Tunic
Saxon Tunic in brown
Saxon Tunic
If you want an authentic Renaissance look, this period cotton shirt is the right choice! Choose blue or brown.
Saxon tunic, durable brown twill with drawstring close on neck and sleeves.
Tudor period shirt of crinkled black polyester has very full sleeves.
Musketeer shirt, white with lace trimmed collar and cuffs.
Bully Hayes Pirate Shirt in black
John Coxon Pirate Shirt in black
Metal eyelets and lacing at the neck and  long, tight-fitting cuffs on full sleeves. 9 colors, sizes to 3X-L & X-Tall
John Coxon Shirt
Metal Loop Shirt in white
Metal Loop Shirt
Rows of metal loops closed with laces run down the front and length of both sleeves. Sizes to XXL.
This elegantly distinctive shirts adds a touch of class to any vest or doublet.

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Renaissance noble shirt in white
Noble Shirt 1
A late Renaissance classic with high standing collar, 3-tier cascade
ruffle and shirred sleeves. Sizes to XXL, black, white, or purple.
The perfect shirt for almost any period outfit!  In natural or black.
Timeless Shirt
Robert DeSable Crusader Tunic
DeSable Crusader Tunic
This superb and durable tunic is heavy 100% cotton, lined in the same fabric.
Knights Templar Tunic
Knight Templar Outfit
Sleeveless, full length tunic of heavy cotton, full linen lining.
Timeless shirt in black or natural
Classic pirate shirt with full "bell" sleeves, dropped yoke and eyelet and lacing close at neck.
Cap'n Quincy Shirt
Capt. Quincy Pirate Shirt in white, also available in black, sizes to XXXL and X-Tall
Viking Tunic in grey or tan wool
Viking Tunic, green cotton
100% Cotton tunic in brown or green with contrasting trim on neck, sleeves and hem.
Closeup of neck on period cotton shirt
Deep red and white, with gold embroidered lions on chest.
Satin ruffled shirt in white.
Satin Ruffled Shirt
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Lightweight polycotton faux chainmail tunic and coif
Imitation Chainmail
L:ionheart Tunic in red and white with gold embroidered lions on chest.
Lionheart Tunic
Sizes to 5XL!
Sizes to 3XL
& X-Tall!
Lace-up Pirate Shirt
100% cotton, black laces at neck and cuffs, 9 colors.
Lace-up pirate shirt in white, 8 other colors.