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Tudor Hood in navy -- stiff brim in velvet, white Tudor edging with gold trim and ties
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Tudor Hood
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Renaissance style flat cap in hunter green, black, burgundy, brown and navy.
English-Style Flat Cap
Italian-Style Bonnet

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1 Plume = $9 + shipping
2 Plumes = $18.00 + shipping
3 Pumes = $25.00 + shipping
Plumes for your hat!
Approx. 17" long, choose dark blue, black, turquoise, white, red, marigold, silver, or purple.
Sold with hat purchase only! 

Conversion chart for hat sizes
Black suede musketeer hat with blue trim, matching blue suede hat band.

Suede Musketeer Hat
Outlaw Suede Hood
Outlaw Suede Hood
Capitano Hat in black suede velvet, 3 plumes included
3 Plumes included!
Capitano Hat
Capitanio hat with ladies' costume.
Floppy Renaissance hat in black velveteen, plume included.
Floppy Hat
Pirate Hats
Youth Squire Cap in black velvet
Youth Squire Cap
Padded Coif
Sorry--this hat is out of stock!
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+1 demo: Basic page
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Find the perfect hat here to top off your Ren Faire outfit!
Black suede musketeer hat with blue trim, matching blue suede hat band.
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Ostrich plumes for hats
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