Striped Pirate Skirt
Anne Bonney Blouse
Pirate Bandana/Sash
Early Renaissance Shirt
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See Children's Pirate Garb
Bully Hayes Pirate Shirt
John Coxon Pirate Shirt
John Coxon Pirate Shirt in black, also available in white.
Reversible Wench Bodice
Grace  O'Malley Shirt
Sizes to XXXL + X-Tall!
(add $3.00)
Captain LeSage Vest
Pirate Pants
Capt. Cottuy Pants
The Tavern Wench
3-Pc. Ensemble
Goth Bodice
Black Lace Overlay!
Captain Easton Coat
Early Renaissance Shirt in white has small ruffled collar around V-neck, small ruffle at elastic cuffs. Also available in black
Capt. LeSage Vest in black cotton velvet with silver braid and silvertone button trim,  sizes to XXXL and X-Tall.
Grace O'Malley Pirate Shirt in white.  Also available in black, sizes to XXL.
Reversible wench bodice in red with black trim, reverses to black with gold trim, five other colors available.
Bully Hayes Pirate Shirt in black only. Sizes to XXL.
Striped pirate skirt with handkerchief hem--wear alone or over a longer skirt of contrasting color.  Shown in black and white, also available in red and white, black and red stripes.
Striped Anne Bonney Pirate Blouse shown in red-white stripes, also availablein black-white and black-red stripes.
Satin Pirate Bandana-Sash in Red.  6 other colors available. 100 inches long,  20 inches wide.
There be treasure in the Pirate's Cove . . . a treasure trove of pirate garb.  Be the scurviest, swashbucklin'est buccaneer who ever sailed the seven seas when you 'pirate up' with shirts, pants, vests, coats, belts 'n' boots, hats and more from our collection!  Arrgh! And for the wenches, there be skirts, shirts, bodices, ruffles, frills and all manner of fripperies.  If ye're fancy runs to the edgier garb, there be wench's pants, boots, and hats! Drop anchor and tarry awhile in the pirate's cove--for great buys on pirate finery!
Sizes to XXXL + X-Tall!
(add $3.00)
Sizes to XXXL + X-Tall!
(add $5.00)
Pirate/Harem Pants
Black pirate or harem pants, very full at hips.
XXXL & X-Tall (Add $3)
Child Size X-small, too!
Sizes to XXXL + X-Tall!
(add $3.00)
Cotton wench skirt in purple, available in five other colors, sizes to XXL
Cotton Gathered Skirt
Classic chemise in four colors.  Shown in red, also available in mustard, natural and black.
Classic Color Chemise
Mary Read
Pirate Coat
Pirate Bandana in black has rough sueded texture with a weathered lace trim.
Pirate Bandana
Swords & Cutlasses
Very full!
Grace O'Malley full circle skirt in fluid crepe, elastic and drawstring waist, red or black, sizes to XXL.
Grace O'Malley Skirt
Capt. Quincy Pirate Shirt in white, also available in black, sizes to XXXL and X-Tall
Cap'n Quincy Shirt
Sizes to XXXL + X-Tall!
(add $3.00)
Boned velvet bodice with front lacing in hunter green.  Also available in burgundy.  Both reverse to black.
Reversible Velvet Bodice
Wench's Double Layer Skirt in contrasting colors - hike top skirt to show the one underneath!  Blue and  turquise shown,  3 other color combinations available.
Double Layer Skirt
Peasant Blouse in slightly crinkled white polyester with lace-trimmed waterfall bell sleeves
Peasant Blouse
Thigh-length Classic Chemise in white cotton, one size fits most.
Classic Short Chemise
Pirate Wench Skirt in black with handkerchief hem.  Also available in red.
Pirate Wench Skirt
John Cook Shirt
Sizes to XXXL + X-Tall!
(add $3.00)
David Herriot Pirate Shirt shown in black, 7 other colors available.  Sizes to XXXL and  X-Tall.
David Herriot Shirt
Sizes to XXXL + X-Tall!
(add $3.00)
Red tortuga shirt, lace-up ties at neck and wrist, also available in black and white
Tortuga  Shirt
Tortuga vest in red velvet with gold brocade trim.  Also available in black.
Tortuga Vest
Bucaneer pants in traditional pirate stripes with black, close-fitting lace-up cuffs from knee to ankle.
Buccaneer Pants
Lace-up pirate vest shown in red, also available in green and navy.
Lace-up Pirate Vest
XXL - add $5.00
All-cotton pirate pants shown in black and white stripe, also available in black and grey-black stripe
Pirate Pants
Buccaneer Coat in heavy grey wool with antiqued silvertone buttons
Buccaneer Coat
Swordsman Pants
Pirate Vest
John Calles shirt in white, lace jabot and cuffs, button front, also available in black, sizes to XXXL and X-Tall
John Calles Shirt
Sizes to XXXL + X-Tall!
Short Renaissance Chemise in white cotton, elastic neckline, elastic cuffs on very long, full sleeves for bell-shaped drape
Short Chemise
Color Chemise
Red pirate scarf screenprinted with skull and crossbones pattern in black.
Black  pirate scarf screenprinted with skull and crossbones pattern in white.
Skull & Crossbones
Campbell Pirate shirt in black satin.  Also available in red.
Campbell pirate shirt in red, also available in black, sizes to XXX-L and X-Tall.
Campbell Pirate Shirt for Women
Campbell Pirate Shirt for Men
John Calles shirt in white, also available in black
John Calles Shirt
Francis Drake shirt it white, also available in black.
Francis Drake Shirt
Medieval Shirt with metal loops and lacing down front and sleeves, shown in black, also available  in white and natural
Medieval Metal Loop and Lacing Shirt
John Coxon
Pirate Shirt
9 colors!
Warrior Shirt
Roberto Cofresi Shirt in white, also available in black
Roberto Cofresi Shirt
Medieval Warrior Shirt in black, also availablein white
Blackbeard Vest in burgundy velvet with gold buttons and black braid trim.
Blackbeard Vest
Blackbeard Coat in burgundy velvet, gold buttons, black braid trim
Blackbeard Coat
Drawstring Pants
Men's Drawstring, wide-bottom pirate pants in black
Men's Laceup Pants
Men's Lace-up Pants, Black only
Crop Top
Crop top in crinkle cotton with elbow-length puff sleeves, wear on or off shoulders

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Also in black
Also in black or white
Buccaneer Coat2
Boys' Capt Jack Coat, black velvet with gold braid and button trim
Boys' Capt Booth black pirate pants
Boys Captain Kennet pirate shirt in white
John Cook Pirate Shirt in white, collar with eyelet and drawstring close, bell sleeves with double ruffle at the elasticized cuffs, seven other color choices available.
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Girls reversible lace-up bodice in red, 5 other colors
Girls striped pirate skirt
Girls ruffled pirate blouse in white
Pirate Garb
in Boys' Sizes!

Sizes 4-12 Years
Pirate Garb
in Girls' Sizes!

Sizes 4-14 Years
Captain Eaton Pirate Vest in burgundy velvet with gold braid trim and functional gold-tone buttons down front.
Captain Easton Vest
Sizes to XXXL + X-Tall!
Sizes to XXXL + X-Tall!
Captain's Pants
Chemisette in black and white stripes
Leather Head Wrap
Sailor vest in burgundy, reverses to black.
Sailor Vest
Flintlock Pistols!

Non-Firing Replicas
Pirate belt pouches in large and small sizes, red front
Pirate Belt Pouches
NEW! Large & small sizes, all black, or black with red front.  Hand-crafted leather, made in USA.
Ring Belt and Arm Bracers
Ring Belt
Wide-leg pirate pants in black and white stripes.
10 Colors!
Pirate Tri-Corn in tan leatherette, 16 inches x 6 inches
Pirate Hats
Black leather arm bracers
Arm Bracers
Flintlock pistol with ornate engraving, including a pirate head buttplate
Leather pirate skull and crossbones hat
Wide Pirate Belt in brown leather with brass buckle.
Pirate Belts
Capt. Jack Sparrow pirate coat in dark grey
Capt. Delahaye coat in rustic brown cotton with wood buttons
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Men's & Ladies'
Pirate Coats
Pirate sash of metallic rayon in burgundy.
Pirate Sashes
Lace-up Pirate Shirt
Lace-up pirate shirt in white, 8 other colors.
Blackbeard Coat
Blackbeard coat in black on black cotton brocade.
Cap'n Jack leather tri-corn
7 Colors!
Sizes to 4XL!
9 colors!
Buccaneer coat in wine-colored wool blend.
Goth bodice in red with black lace overlay.
Capt Lowther coat in burgundy velvet
Capt Lowther Coat
+1 demo: Basic page
+1 demo: Basic page
Mary Read Pirate Ensemble includes the coat, brocade vest, white shirt and leather hat.
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