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Buccaneer Coat in heavy grey wool with antiqued silvertone buttons
Buccaneer Coat
Pirate Vest
Bucaneer pants in traditional pirate stripes with black, close-fitting lace-up cuffs from knee to ankle.
Buccaneer Pants
Pirate Cutlass Replica, silvertone bowl handguard.
Hilt Finish
Pirate Falchion
Pirate Falchion - Short Sword with sold brass grip
Close-up of Pirate Falchion - Short Sword with solid brass grip
Prod. #22-4127
This tough little falchion has a solid brass grip for ease of care. 28.5" blade, 33.5" long overall.  Alloy blade cannot be sharpened. Comes with metal scabbard.
Flintlock pistol with ornate engraving, including a pirate head buttplate
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Pirate Flintlock Pistol
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Capt. Jack tri-corn hat in dark brown, aged leather.
Plus Shipping
Cap'n Jack
Leather Tricorn
Plus Shipping
Black leather pirate tri-corn with antiqued brass skull and crossbones emblem
Skull & Crossbones
Leather Hat
Pirate Cutlass Replica with brass bowl handguard and furniture on scabbard
The short sword, in many variations, was found on all pirate ships.  This classic model features a simulated silver or brass, full bowl handguard engraved with a galleon under full sail. The scabbard trim is engraved with a skull and cross sabers at top, and crossed flintlock pistols at the bottom.  22.5" blade, 30.5" overall length.
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Prod. #22-4143
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English Pirate Cutlass, gold basket hilt, black leather scabbard.
Close-up view of English cutlass brass hilt.
English Cutlass
This circa 1600-1700 cutlass was also called a "hanger", frequently used by naval officers s a close-quarters battle weapon because of its compact dimensions. Our reproduction is 30-1/2 inches overall, with a 24 inch  carbon steel blade, sold with "factory" (unsharpened) edge.  Leather scabbard with brass throat and tip included. #501405.
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