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Lace-up Pirate Vest
All-cotton pirate pants shown in black and white stripe, also available in black and grey-black stripe
Pirate Pants
Prod. #22-1104L
Early 1700s German Flintlock Pistol, simulated brass engraved barrel and trigger guard
Early 1700s Flintlock
(non-firing Replica)
Prod. #22-1260L
Price:  $45.00
Plus Shipping
This authentic replica is based upon one of the earliest flintlocks made in the early 1700s, and is typical of the type of pistols that would have been used by buccaneers during the  "golden age" of piracy in the Caribbean.  Our replica features an engraved lock and a simulated brass engraved barrel and trigger guard.  Real wood stock, working firing and loading parts. 14" long.
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Lace-up pirate vest in green, also available in red and navy.
Belt Pouch
Leather Pirate Belt Pouch full of replica Spanish Doubloons
Tan leather pirate belt pouch with replica Spanish doubloons
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LARP High Seas Cutlass
LARP Pirate Cutlass

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Plus shipping
Blunderbuss flintlock pistol with pirate buttcap.
Pirate Blunderbuss
(non-firing Replica)
This ornate Italian blunderbuss features fancy engraving on the lock, barrel and trigger guard, and a unique pirate's head buttplate. Antiqued brass finish, 14.5" long.  Not a toy! Real wood & metal with working parts--and the weight and size of the real thing!
Stick one of these in your belt and you'll be the baddest pirate on the RenFaire seas!
Plus Shipping
Plus Shipping
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