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Knight Templar Outfit, Tunic, Cape, knightly belt, crusader helmet and chain mail.
This long Knights Templar cape is one of the heaviest and most elegant available.  The heavy white cotton cape is offset by a large red cross on the left side, with a matching red lining.  Corded tie.    One size.  Dry clean only.
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Knights Templar tunic in white cotton with red appliqued Maltese cross.
#100936 -- This heavy, 100% cotton sleeveless tunic is fully lined in linen, and appliqued over the heart with the Knights Templar's  Maltese-style red cross. Helmet and faux-chain-mail sold separately. Red belt is no longer available. Sizes S/M or L/XL. S/M fits people with 40" or less chest. L/X fits 42" or larger chest. Dry clean only.
Confirmed at the Council of Troys in 1128 A.D., the Knights Templar (Knights of the Temple) were chosen by King Baldwin II of Jerusalem to be guardians in a part of the Palace of Jerusalem that was believed to be Solomon's Temple. They wore robes of white as a symbol of purity, to which the red Maltese cross was added by Pope Eugenius in 1146 A.D.   
Knights Templar History
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Knights Templar Tunic
Prod. #101936
Knights Templar Cape
Prod. #100938
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