The moon emerges from behind a cloud, revealing the glimmer of tattered sails fluttering in the wind, as the Flying Dutchman once more sets sail with its haunted cargo of lost souls . . . Welcome aboard . . . Here you'll discover a Halloween costume treasure trove that is, well, to DIE for!
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We try to keep everything in stock, but during the peak Fall Ren-Faire and Halloween costume season, we may run out of some popular items, so order early to avoid disappointment!
Buccaneer Coat
We try to keep everything in stock, but during the peak Fall Ren-Faire and Halloween costume season, we may run out of some popular items, so order early to avoid disappointment!

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Bucaneer coat in grey, shown with long vest, wide pirate belt and tasseled pirate sash
Pirate Wench Skirt in black with handkerchief hem.  Also available in red.
Pirate Wench Skirt
Pirate Sash shown here in gold metallic rayon, also available in burgundy, 96 inches long, edged with multiple tassles.
Pirate Sashes
Floppy Hat
18th Century Italian Blunderbuss Flintlock Pistol, antiqued gunmetal gray finish, real wood stock.
Men's Drawstring, wide-bottom pirate pants in black
Drawstring Pants
Medieval Metal Loop and Lacing Shirt
Medieval Shirt with metal loops and lacing down front and sleeves, shown in black, also available  in white and natural
Tavern Wench
3-Pc. Ensemble
Tavern Wench ensemble, skirt, bodice and
Pirate Vest
Pirate vest, black velvet, gold braid trim.
Pirate Bandana
Pirate Bandana in black has rough sueded texture with a weathered lace trim.
Grace  O'Malley Shirt
Grace O'Malley Pirate Shirt in white.  Also available in black, sizes to XXL.
Country Maid Dress - cotton lace-up bodice reinforced with boning and attached skirt, split in front to show a peek of chemise.  Shown in black, also comes in emerald green.  Sizes to XX-Large.
Country Maid Dress
Captain Cottuy pants in black.
Capt. Cottuy Pants
Lace-up Pirate Vest
Lace-up pirate vest shown in red, also available in green and navy.
Fair Maiden Dress
John Coxon Pirate Shirt in black, also available in white.
John Coxon
Pirate Shirt
Goth Pants
Gothic pants in black with side eyelets for a tight fit
Bucaneer pants in traditional pirate stripes with black, close-fitting lace-up cuffs from knee to ankle.
Buccaneer Pants
Sizes to XXL!
Pieces in
Boys' Sizes

4-12 Years
Boys' Capt Jack Coat, black velvet with gold braid and button trim
Captain Jack vest, black, gold braid and button trim.
Boys' Capt Booth black pirate pants
Boys Capt. Marteen black pirate pants
Boys Captain Kennet pirate shirt in white
Capt Brower buccaneer shirt for boys in white cotton
Pieces in
Girls' Sizes

4-14 Years
Girls reversible lace-up bodice in red, 5 other colors
Girls ruffled pirate blouse in white
Leather Headwrap
Boys red musketeer tabard wth gold trim
Girls Highland Dress, black bodice. white sleeves, red plaid skirt
Tortuga pirate vest in black
Tortuga Vest
Tortuga vest in red velvet with gold brocade trim.  Also available in black.
Red tortuga shirt, lace-up ties at neck and wrist, also available in black and white
Tortuga pirate shirt in white
Tortuga pirate shirt in black.
Tortuga  Shirt
Morgan pima cotton pirate shirt, lace-up neck and cuffs, in white
Morgan Pirate Shirt
Sailor Vest
Sailor vest in burgundy, reverses to black.
Pirate head wrap in black leather.
Fair Maiden overdress in red
Your Halloween Shopping Headquarters!
Your Halloween Shopping Headquarters!
Pirate/Harem Pants
Adult sizes to XXXL and X-Tall (add $3), .  X-Small for children in black only.
Black pirate or harem pants, very full at hips.
7 Colors!
Satin Pirate Bandana-Sash in Red.  6 other colors available. 100 inches long,  20 inches wide.
White pirate scarf screenprinted with skull and crossbones pattern in black
Red pirate scarf screenprinted with skull and crossbones pattern in black.
Pima cotton pirate pants in chocolate
Pima Cotton
Pirate Pants
Capt. Delahaye coat in rustic brown cotton with wood buttons
Capt. Jack Sparrow pirate coat in dark grey
Jack Sparrow Coat
Capt. Delahaye Ladies' Coat
Irish Dress
Irish dress in burgundy.
Bully Hayes shirt in black with grommets and lacing the full length of the sleeves and shirt front.
Bully Hayes Shirt
Girls black and white striped pirate skirt
Girls' cotton skirt in chocolate.
Girls' princess dress in rose velvet and brocade.
Victorian Countess skirt, blouse, underbust corset
NEW! See our collection of PIRATE COATS!
Capt. Jack Sparrow pirate coat in dark grey with wood buttons
Blackbeard coat in black on black cotton brocade.
Admiral Coat in Navy cotton, full satin lining, gold braid and button trim.
Capt. Delahaye coat in rustic faded red cotton with wood buttons
Pirate Flintlock
Pima Cotton!
Sizes to 4XL!
Madagascar pants in navy stripes.
Wayfarer pants in black. Also in brown.
Locklace Bodice in navy, 3 other colors.
Locklace Bodice
Twill bodice in three colors.
Twill Bodice
Colleen bodice in navy. Also in black.
Colleen Bodice
Gathered cotton skirts in nine colors.
Gathered Skirt
9 Colors!
Sizes to 62" waist!
Sizes to 53" Waist!
Festival shirt in wine. Also in natural and black.
Festival Shirt
3 Colors!
Scottish skirt in red plaid. Also in green plaid.
Scottish Skirt
Plus-size Over-Knee Socks
Thigh-high socks in stripes. Also available in solid.
Thigh-high Socks
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Captain Lowther burgundy velvet pirate coat
+1 demo: Basic page
+1 demo: Basic page
Sizes to 4XL!
Sizes to XXL!
Sizes to
53" Waist!
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Renaissance floppy hat, black velvet, plume included.
Pirate hat, black leather with skull & crossbones emblem.
Pirate Hats
Pirate cutlass, nickel basket hilt, matching scabbard
Pirate Cutlasses