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Commedia del'arte Gown
Inspired by an early form of theater originating in Italy, and popular throughout Europe from the Renaissance through the 18th Century, this regal gown reflects all the splendor of those lavish productions.  Made of dark red taffeta and black velvet, it has dark silver trim and dark red velvet outlining the accents of the dress. The silver and black Arabesque print of the stomacher isrepeated in the underskirt front and sleeve ruffles. Lace-up back with a generous 5-inch modesty panel, and a rear sash to cinch the waistline for a custom fit. The full skirt is 46 inches from waist to floor. 6-inch taffeta hair bow is included. The bow is designed to accept a plume (sold separately). Elizabethan ruff collar pictured sold separately.
Product #101697
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6-inch Taffeta Hair Bow which accepts a plume included! (plumes sold separately.)
Elizabethan ruff collar in silver taffeta
This Elizabethan ruff is the perfect finishing touch for any Elizabethan-era outfit. Adjustable for all neck sizes with three snap fasteners it comes with a plastic stiffener to retain its shape. Available in stiff white cotton, or silver poly taffeta. Item #101701.
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Elizabethan ruff in stiff white cotton
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Commedia del'arte Gown in black velvet and red taffeta.
6-inch red taffeta hair bow with plume.