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and a standup collar with tie close - great for Renaissance or Pirate garb!
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These historically authentic costume pieces are expertly made in America, from durable fabrics that will last through many Ren-Faire seasons. 
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Costume Collection
Very full sleeves with tie cuffs
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Sturdy cotton twill with wood buttons and extended
shoulders.  Great basic piece for your Renfaire wardrobe!
Lock-lace bodice in navy
Twill bodice in navy, three other colors, sizes to 53 inch waist
Twill Bodice
Durable, comfortable twill, 4 colors--all reverse to black.
Sizes to 53 inch waist!
Twill Lock-Lace
Durable cotton twill with gold gimp trim, engineered to
Lock-lace bodice in navy
last for years! 4 colors.
Sizes to 53 inch waist!
Jeweled Bodice
Jeweled bodice, velvet with braid and beaded fringe trim.
Velveteen with braid and beaded trim, twill lining, scalloped hem.
Sizes to 59 inch waist.
Sofi Wench Bodice
Cotton twill, black twill lining, encased boning for maimum support and lift, 6 colors
Sizes to 53 inch waist!
Velveteen under-bust bodice in red.
Under-Bust  Bodice
Cotton velveteen under-bust style buttons in front and laces in back. Peplum skirt, 5 colors.
Sizes to 44 inch waist.
Pirate Bodice
Pirate bodice in hunter green, front view.
Scalloped back hem, cotton twill, no boning. 4 colors reverse to black.
Sizes to 53 inch waist!
Gathered Skirt
Detail of gathered skirt back lacing and eyelets.
Gathered skirt color chart - comes in eight colors
Must-have period skirt! 8 colors, with sizes to 62-inch waist!
Irish dress in burgundy.
Irish Dress
Like 2 dresses in one!  Bodice reverses to black. Wear with different color underskirt for many looks! Sizes to 53-inch waist!
Celtic Dress
Overdress with boned bodice for support and uplift, wear with chemise
Celtic dress in navy, worn with chemise and gathered skirt.
and contrasting color skirts for many different looks.
Sizes to 53 inch waist!
Italian doublet in red.
Italian Doublet
Satin ruffled shirt in white.
Satin Ruffled Shirt
Venetian breeches in black cotton velveteen with cotton lining.
Venetian Breeches
Sailor vest in burgundy, reverses to black.
Sailor Vest
Medieval Ring Belt
Authentic design based on classic Italian Renaissance paintings.  Trim and lining colors vary. Wear with a white shirt or contrasting color.
Venetian-style breeches in cotton velveteen, lined in cotton. Pair with an Italian or other noble doublet for a regal look.
Elegant period shirt adds a look of noble distinction. White or black, with
sizes to 5XL
Black leather. Must-have accessory for that authentic period look!
Swashbuckling vest perfect for sailors and pirates! Sturdy cotton twill in 3 colors that reverse to black.
Sizes to 5XL!
Captain's Pants
Cotton velveteen with black cord ties at front and cuffs. 7 colors. Sizes to 4XL.
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